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The 25mm and 32mm Concave kit 
The 32mm Concave Former
125mm Center Line Radius
As with all our formers they are machined from solid 1045 bar.
Suitable for Bending
Mild Steel 25nb(26.9mm) x 2.6 , 3.2 and 4mm
Aluminium 32mm x 3mm
PLEASE NOTE (At this stage not suitable for 1.6 in Aluminium or 2.00 in steel or Stainless Steel )
  The 25mm Concave former
125mm Center Line Radius
For bending
Stainless 25mm x 1.6mm
Aluminium 25mm x 1.6 and 3.00
20nb (26.9mm) x 2.3, 2.6 and 3.2mm

32mm and 25mm Concave former KIT for Maxi-Bend tube bender

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