MAXI-BEND TUBE BENDER with 30 mm and 40 mm former's


2 TO 4 week turn around for shipping IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A MULTI-BEND TUBE BENDER CONTACT US FOR DETAILS ON MAXI PURCHASE EMAIL FOR MORE DETAILS [email protected] The Maxi-Bend tube bender is the Big Brother to the popular Multi-Bend tube bender and is designed to bend square and round tube up to 40 mm. The ratchet handle mechanism allows easy operation even when bending 40 mm tube. As with the Multi-Bend the unique former design allows adapting to suit both Metric and Imperial sizes. The Maxi-Bend comes with 2 Formers 1 x 30mm and 1 x 40mm and spacers for 50 mm Multi-Bend and Big Brother Maxi-Bend are both. Australian Design ! Australian Owned ! Australian Manufactured ! NB: Stand and handle are not supplied - handle = 25nb (34mm od) gal pipe min 1 mtr length 2.5mm wall thickness SHIPPING 2x boxes H. 21cm L. 50cm W. 50 cm Weight 25kg each please email for freight costs with post code or pick up by your courier or in person

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